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Ski and stay as a local

Sometimes opportunities come knocking that are simply too good to overlook. Sometimes however, we can’t wait for these opportunities to arrive on our doorsteps as we must make the effort to make them happen, though when one takes a look at the opportunities found at they’ll soon realise just how little effort this requires. The opportunities being referred to here are accommodation opportunities and whether you’re a potential guest or host there are more than enough here for all as sites like these facilitate arrangements between guests and hosts from around and throughout the world. Whilst the most popular snow adventures from around the world have traditionally been concentrated in Europe, Canada and the US, as well as New Zealand and Japan, that’s changed significantly with increased interest on the part of skiers and snowboarders in South America, particularly Argentina and Chile. Although Argentina and Chile haven’t traditionally been the most popular of skiing destinations they are home to the Andes, a region renowned for its unique cultures and in recent times; great private accommodation, though it should be pointed out that the bulk of regulated private accommodation in these countries is found in their cities rather than in the Andes.

Skiers and snowboarders touring the slopes of Argentina and Chile might like to make the most of the aforementioned accommodation opportunities in order to experience something else of these fantastic countries besides the powder coated Andean slopes, though it suffices to say that many are content with snow and snow alone. If however, they did fancy seeing something else, perhaps the capital cities of Buenos Aires and Santiago, they’d certainly see more extraordinary sights if they stayed in private accommodation as opposed to hotels and guesthouses in areas that are well traversed by their fellow travellers. Private accommodation can be a bit dodgy at times, though it doesn’t have to be as long as travellers use websites that not only facilitate arrangements between guests and hosts, but also regulate them in order to ensure all parties are as happy as show freaks hurtling down Andean slopes at breakneck speeds. Hurtling down the Andean slopes is rendered even more amazing when one bears in mind that this particular mountain range isn’t only the world’s longest continuous mountain range but also the highest outside of Asia, consequently there are plenty of reasons to make one’s way to this part of the world. is certainly the site to visit when making arrangements for an exciting skiing or snowboarding holiday to Argentina or Chile and although those brave enough to take on the Andes are best off getting in touch with a reputable tour company, especially if they’re into heliskiing, should they wish to experience more of these amazing countries they should take the time to register with the aforementioned website in order to see their world of accommodation options expand significantly. The level of flexibility hosts have with regard to the properties they wish to let increases significantly when they visit the aforementioned website, as many have found that not only is this style of property letting more lucrative, which is a good enough reason in itself, but it’s also far more flexible and that’s a great reason to learn more. Learning more about snow packed skiing and snowboarding breaks to the Americas is just as simple and although quite a bit of planning is required in order to embark on such an adventure, the rewards are more than worthwhile. There are plenty of rewards awaiting guests and hosts online, moreover there’s undoubtedly no time like the present to find out more.